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  • Date: October 28, 2021
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The 9 Best Interior Designers in Austin, Texas (2024) - Peerspace (2)

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Austin, TX is a unique place that boasts big city vibes coupled with a slight country charm feel. It has a certain style that cannot be duplicated. If Austin had a personality, it would mirror that of the cool kid — unknowingly good-looking and seemingly friends with everyone. It never intentionally tries too hard, but effortlessly appears pulled together and always on-trend. Austin’s ability to cohesively mesh styles from classic to eclectic (and everything in between) not only makes it iconic, but it transfers over to the homes and spaces throughout. We have curated a list featuring 9 of our favorite Austin interior designers whose style lends hand to the city’s diverse culture and design.

1. Mark Ashby of Mark Ashby Design

Mark Ashby made way to Texas in 1997 and quickly moved up the ranks of the top Austin interior designers. With his ability to produce modern masterpieces, while also curating the everlasting timelessness of a historic renovation, Mark is no stranger to finding himself designing many of Austin’s finest homes.

His style begs the eye to stare by pairing stunning exaggerations of classic elements and lines with dramatic colors and textures. The drama, oh the drama of a wall-to-wall velvet headboard in shades of deep emerald that he custom made for a client’s Austin Pied-Á-Tierre. This dramatic flair on simple elements paired with Mark’s meticulous attention to detail has led him to numerous design awards and accolades. His style cohesively oozes old world class with polished modernism to create a design category all his own. With decades of experience creating many of the city’s most iconic homes and spaces, Mark has guaranteed his place among the top Austin interior designers.

2. Erica Volkmor of Evensen Design

Erica, who holds a bachelor of science degree in interior design from the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture (i.e., she’s the real deal,) pairs eye-catching pops of color and fresh patterns with classic clean lines that will make any space she curates Insta-worthy. Erica is the principal designer at Evensen Design, a firm with a solid reputation for stunning renovations as well as new construction projects. Her innovative ways of using modern elements with a nod to classic minimalism have landed her on Austin’s Top 10 Designer list from Austin Architect and Culture. This #girlboss is well on her way to solidifying her place as one of the most sought-after interior designers in Texas.

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3. Heather Blue Harkovich of Heather Scott Home & Design

Heather pairs her bachelor’s in fine arts with a master’s in business administration to create a solid foundation of artistic and academic experience. It makes her one of the most popular Austin interior designers. Her style is sophisticated and unique yet equally functional. Her creative vision marries organizational elements and simple elegance to create a classic style no matter the trend. Heather’s designs are found in quite a few of Austin’s most luxurious homes. Her soft neutrals and plush furniture is found throughout her projects, the use of such giving a timeless look across the portfolio of this accomplished designer.

4. Kim Lewis of Kim Lewis Designs

“The Little Lady with Big Ideas,” Kim Lewis is an absolute standout among Austin’s interior designers. If her name sounds familiar, there’s a good reason why. Kim was the leading designer on ABC’s wildly popular show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” for over half a decade, designing over 120 homes in 43 states. Kim’s design style includes a plethora of elements and characteristics. She is a storyteller … taking on a perspective from her clients and creating a space that tells a story of who they are and bringing their visions to life. When viewing her portfolio, you’ll find components of clean modern lines and fresh bright colors. This talented and philanthropic designer opened her doors at Kim Lewis Designs over 15 years ago and has steadily remained a favorite in the design world.

5. Chris McCray of McCray & Co.

When it comes it Austin interior designers, Chris McCray is a breath of fresh diverse air. He breaks the interior design stereotype with a love for facial hair and extremely innovative interiors. With a Master’s in Industrial Design (whoa), Chris co-founded McCray & Co with his wife, Grace Hall in 2011. Although he’s completed many residential projects, Chris has become widely known for his commercial work — designing dozens of Austin’s most popular and legendary restaurants and hot spots. His style is iconic in a sense that, you will never forget it. Using bright colors and inventive arrangements of simple objects, Chris makes every space he designs stunningly unforgettable. He ingeniously implements sustainable elements that create a one-of-a-kind style… like when he used recycled signposts for desk legs to create an industrial vintage vibe for an office space- that’s creative talent at its very best.

6. April Aduddell of April Interiors

A Texas native, April founded April Interiors in 2004 in sunny Austin, TX. Combing through April’s portfolio you’ll see her beautiful use of neutral tones and elegant fabrics. Simple elegance with functionality is found through-out her designs and has earned her a place alongside the best of Austin interior designers. From architectural coordination to full custom interior designs, April Interiors will define and create the space of your dreams using her light and airy symmetrical styles. Being a true Texas native, April is a favorite within the Austin community.

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7. Natalie Howe of Natalie Howe Designs

After calling Japan, Germany, and Alaska home at various points of her life, Natalie Howe burst onto the Austin interior designer scene by founding Natalie Howe Designs in 2006. Since then, she has received numerous top awards and accolades from the highest authorities of interior design. Although very well-traveled, Natalie is a true Texan at heart and will always call Austin her home. She is highly recognized for her aesthetically pleasing, yet very livable styles. Her specialty being kitchens and baths, Natalie has the ability to transform an outdated space into a fresh, functional, and breathtaking creation.

8. Jennifer Greer Hartman of Greer Interior Design

With a degree in Interior Design from The School of Visual Arts in New York City, Jennifer is responsible for numerous timeless designs in homes throughout Austin. Jennifer prides herself on being versatile, with the ability to work with both classic and modern design. Her use of unique shapes, eye-catching colors, and one-of-a-kind patterns put this Austin Interior Designer in a league all her own. Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in the design industry, and it shows- won numerous awards and is easily recognized for her keen attention to detail that makes her designs stand out. Her ability to create warm and comfortable spaces, while still showcasing exquisite interiors has made Jennifer a prominent figure in the Austin Interior designers scene.

9. Christina Couvillion of Davinci Interiors

The design visionary behind Austin’s beloved Davinci Interiors, Christina Couvillion uses simple details to create the most aesthetically pleasing spaces that also give way to maximum functionality. Christina’s impressive expertise with both new construction and renovation designs couldn’t go unnoticed — winning Best Interior Design from The Texas Builder’s Association. Her portfolio boasts delectable rooms filled with plush fabrics and eye-pleasing monochromatic color schemes. The untrained eye would pass right over the small details that make a big impact in the spaces she creates. Christina has made her mark amidst Austin interior designers by consistently translating her client’s concepts into real life inspiration.

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The 9 Best Interior Designers in Austin, Texas (2024) - Peerspace (2024)


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