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  • This page is up to date (v1.2.2).

2. Clue Chaser's Insignia - Melvor Idle

  • 2 jun 2020 · Clue Chaser's Insignia. Language; Watch · Edit. Redirect page. Redirect to: Clue Chasers Insignia · Last edited 4 years ago by Talath.

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3. [AutoEquipBestItems] Clue Chaser's Insignia cannot auto-equip for skills ...

4. dikiquick - Blog

  • 8 mei 2023 · īank layout to obtain Clue Chasers Insignia. melvor idle 8. The amulet is obtainable by name changing to "witwix" (case sensitive) and opening ...

  • ➖ The ending feels like a puzzle to be solved, but it is not. ➕ “Free” was an excellent price for two hours of mostly frustration-free puzzling in a game with high production value. This...

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6. melvor) Clue Chasers Insignia 이거 효율어떰? - 방치형게임 마이너 갤러리

  • 16 feb 2021 · 벌목할떄 버드네스트 획득확률이 기본적으로 0.5%인데 이 목걸이를 끼면 0.55프로가되는거임?여기에 2렙물약을 복용하면 (0.5%+1...

  • 벌목할떄 버드네스트 획득확률이 기본적으로 0.5%인데 이 목걸이를 끼면 0.55프로가되는거임?여기에 2렙물약을 복용하면 (0.5%+10%) * 1.1 =11.55%로 계산되는거임?

7. V0.22.1 | Melvor Idle вики | Fandom

  • 6 okt 2021 · Clue Chasers Insignia bonus now applies to Mysterious Stones. Bug Fixes. Fixed issue where Passive Cooking offline didn't include Cooking ...

  • Added visual interval indicators to both Active and Passive Cooking buttons. The Cloud is currently auto-saving on a 4 hour interval. Doubled the drop rate of Ancient D-Hide Body, Ancient Crossbow and Twin Exiles from Elder Chest obtained within Dragons Den. Adjusted Green/Blue/Red/Black Dragon Special Attack chances to 10/20/30/40%, down from 40/40/40/40% Adjusted Green/Blue/Red/Black Dragon Hide drops from respective Dragons to 15/20/25/30, up from 10/10/10/10 Dropped Lesser Sandstorm Special

8. 線索追蹤者徽章| Melvor Idle 中文Wiki

  • 此頁面已過期(v1.0.5). 線索追蹤者徽章. 線索追蹤者徽章. 出自Patreon (Clue Scrolls) 提高10% 獲得整體稀有道具、精通代幣、伐木鳥巢、採礦寶石和生火煤 ...

  • 線索追蹤者徽章給予+10%機率取得贈品道具(由技能中獲得的非主要資源)。例如 伐木時,獲得 鳥巢和 精通代幣 (伐木)的機率增加,當然它並不會因此給你非伐木的道具。 線索追蹤者徽章屬於彩蛋道具,通過特殊方法獲得。它要求特定數量的下列道具排列於銀行中,不能多也不能少:" 42", " 23", " 16", " 15", " 8", " 4"。這些道具必須手動以前面提到的順序排列,放置於銀行的最左邊標籤,最前6個欄位。 當6個道具被擺在正確的標籤、位置、有正確的順序、數量時, 線索追蹤者徽章將會自動獲得。若項鍊沒有立即進入銀行,玩家可以嘗試將其中兩項道具位置互換、再換回正確的順序。 更多資訊請查閱彩蛋。 線索追蹤者徽章的掉落加成只有效於下列道具: 來自 伐木的 鳥巢 來自 採礦的寶石 生火時的 煤礦石 圖章半戒 (a) Rhaelyx 頭飾 和 Rhaelyx 珠寶 神秘石 精通代幣 線索追蹤者徽章不適用於其他掉落物,包括: 釣魚時的特殊道具或垃圾 偷竊時的稀有、區域獨特道具、及NPC 獨特掉落物 來自 藥草製作藥水的額外藥水 來自 元素藥水及相關協同的額外符文 任何 召喚標記 占星術中

9. the Clue Chaser - The RuneScape Wiki

  • The title the Clue Chaser can be obtained by completing the achievement Knot So Elite After All which requires the player to obtain the following elite clue ...

  • The title the Clue Chaser can be obtained by completing the achievement Knot So Elite After All which requires the player to obtain the following elite clue scrolls rewards:

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