20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (2024)

Discover unique and creative business card designs to make a lasting impression. Improve your professional image with these inspiring ideas.

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A business card is the quintessential business networking tool and will help your prospective clients find their way back to you long after you have sparked up a conversation with them at a local meet-up.

Traditionally business cards tend to be boring, bland, and used as more of a pre-requisite than a chance to impress – but not these creative and innovative business card designs. If you want to build up contacts and stand out of the crowd, you need business cards that can impress like these 20 examples can.

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Stunning Business Card Designs for a Lasting Impression

Stunning Business Card Designs for a Lasting Impression

If you are asked to recall your favorite business card, I bet you don't have an answer for...Read more

TAM Cargo

Formerly known as TAM Express, TAM Cargo is a cargo airline based in Brazil that operates within Latin America and between Brazil and the United States. Their business card can be changed into a nice little cargo box. The idea behind the design comes from Y&R.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (1)

Tok&Stok deals in the manufacturing of self-assembly furniture. Their creative business card can be transformed into a little self-assembly chair. What a way to catch the client’s attention.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (2)
Casabella Furniture

A rather simple foldable business card for a furniture business. Designed by Amanda Casabella.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (3)
Travel Tag Business Card Template

A visiting card template that looks like a travel tag that you can use for your travel agency business or as a personal visiting card for a travel blogger.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (4)
Denia Salu Tennis Academy

This tennis court business card that works really well for a tennis academy business is the product of a collaboration with Publicis. It comes in both grass and clay courts!!

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (5)

An Austrian experimental music duo worked with Katharina Hölzl to come up with this work of art that also acts as their visiting card. Their contact information was cut onto a long musicbox paper stripe that also contains nine micro compositions consisting of circles and triangles.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (6)
Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant is a cheese store in Brazil. They hired the folks from JWT to create this grate business card. It doubles as a cheese grater – perfect for a specialized cheese store.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (7)
Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga has got a business card that is rolled up like a yoga mat. A simple but effective way to communicate what your brand is all about.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (8)
Levin Tahmaz Master Trainer

Levin Tahmaz Master Trainer is all about weight loss and getting you in shape, so the peel-off sticker on the card changing a fat man into one with a more athletic build represents the business well. The design was conceived by Bart.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (9)
Poul Nielsen

Poul Nielsen is a personal trainer and he will start training you the moment you get his business card. His contact details are printed on a rubber business card and you will have to stretch it to see the details, thus starting the workout process.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (10)
Bombay Bakery

Bombay Bakery has got business cards that look like biscuits. What’s more, they are edible too!

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (11)

1010tires is a high performance and affordable wheels and tires store based in Canada. Their business card doubles as a tire gauge and allows customers to check their tire treads.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (12)
Andrew Murray Roofing

A business card for a roofing company that looks like a roof when semi-folded.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (13)
Schwimmer Pool Service

Schwimmer Pool Service prints their business cards on a special pH paper, which clients use to test the pH balance levels in their pools. The idea behind this design comes from dougserge.com.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (14)
Credit Counselling Society

Credit Counselling Society is a Canadian non-profit service that helps people solve debt problems and manage money better. They have a business card that looks like a credit card cut in half. The design was created by the folks at Rethink.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (15)
Tur & Partners

Tur & Partners, a landscape architecture firm worked with Jung von Matt to come up with this miniature garden business card. The card comes with seeds that will germinate after a couple of days, in the presence of sunlight and water.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (16)
Franco Caligiuri

Franco Caligiuri is a financial & security investment representative that will help you buy stock when it’s low and sell your stock just before they go down. This double-sided business card conveys that message very well indeed. The design was created by Rethink.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (17)
Broke Bike Alley

This spanner business card can help you adjust the bolts and spokes on your bike and it also has a bottle opener. This design was created by Rethink.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (18)
Ralph 3D Business Card

If you are a 3D designer, what better way to promote yourself than handing out business cards that also act as disposable 3D glasses? Brilliant way to show off your design skills and contact details.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (19)
Natalie Roberts

This minimalist business card shows how a simple email address can be used to make a business card that can highlight your website, Twitter handle, and email ID.

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (20)

These designs are sure to give one an edge over the more traditional business cards. I am sure there are many more awesome business card designs out there that you folks might have come across, so feel free to share them with the rest of us in the comments below!

20 Impressive Business Card Designs: Vol. 2 (2024)


What is the best format for business card design? ›

PDF and Fonts

If you wish to insure yourself against such problem, save your card to the TIFF format. The quality will remain the same, and the text will look exactly as you want it to. Even better if you bring the material in both PDF and TIFF formats, and let the printing company choose which one works best for them.

Do people pass out business cards anymore? ›

Traditional physical business cards are still widely used and are considered a professional way to exchange contact information. However, with the increasing use of digital technology, many professionals are also creating digital versions of their business cards.

Do people still pass out business cards? ›

While the traditional paper business card may be obsolete, that doesn't mean you don't need business cards. Exchanging contact information professionally still requires a business card, but how that business card looks has changed.

What 3 principles of design are the most important for designing a business card? ›

The most effective business cards follow the basic principles of design. Take into consideration design principles such as emphasis, hierarchy, pattern, white space, and unity. These all work in tandem to create functional, visually appealing designs.

What does a professional business card look like? ›

The most important part of a business card is the information on it. Make sure these points are included in your professional business card: Your name and the name of your business. Your basic contact information: name, email, website, social media, and your digits (personal or business phone number)

What is bleed in business card? ›

Of all the questions I am asked in a given week, questions about "Bleed" are definitely the most common. In printing, the term "Bleed" means that the ink coverage extends all the way to the edge of the paper. Examples of Ink Bleed on Business Cards. To illustrate, look at the business card shown as Example 1.

Can I make business cards myself? ›

If you want to print your business cards using your own printer at home, then you can! Whether you have a laser or inkjet printer, this process can be easy and save you some additional costs – providing you have the right materials and equipment on-hand of course.

Do you put slogan on business card? ›

Your brand should be immediately recognizable. That means should always include the name of your business, logo, and tagline (if applicable) somewhere on your card. Need help creating a tagline for your business? Check out this article.

What does a black business card mean? ›

Black symbolizes seriousness and power. On the one hand, it can reflect sophistication and class, and on the another hand, black can be intimidating and mysterious.

What is the most powerful color in business? ›

Red is a highly popular color in marketing because it's bold, captures attention and can evoke powerful psychological responses. Red represents power, energy, excitement, passion and urgency. The urgency response is often a reason why fast-food chains and clearance sales frequently feature red.

What color business card stands out? ›

Color is extremely important to your design, especially considering that people keep colorful business cards ten times longer than standard black-and-white ones. The best colors for business cards are black backgrounds or pops of red because they stand out the most.

What is the etiquette of giving business cards? ›

Manners Matter

On that note, your first card should always be presented to the most senior staff member, working down the hierarchy after that. Business Cards should be exchanged on meeting. You should be standing, and never hand it over with just one hand – hold it out with both, translated side facing up.

How many business cards should you carry with you? ›

If possible, you should try to keep about 5 business cards in your wallet at all times. A bit less if you don't have the room, a bit more if you do. You do not need to carry *too* many cards on you, because you should not be handing out cards like candy to too many people.

What is the success rate of business cards? ›

And while the average website has a conversion rate of 2.35%, a business card's average is a whopping 12%, which is why 34% of e-commerce businesses now include business cards in dispatched orders and 20% of our customers are actively trying to hand out more business cards.


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